Best Earphones under $100 retail

We cover three totally different pairs of earphones which we think are among the best earphones under $100 retail.
Today I would like to review:


Let’s start with prices. How much do these earphones cost? Well, they all retail under a $100.
The JVC Xtreme as well as Klipsch Image S4 earphone retail between $50 and $70 , JVC Air Cushions retail for about $40.

JVC Xtreme Xplosives

JVC Xtreme XplosivesThe Xtreme Xplosives are quality made earphones, they feel tough! And because of a 10 mm driver they are really big!
Its cable and connection to the cable is very solid, so I am not afraid of this snapping or coming of. The cable itself is very strong and thick.
For $50 these earphones have an amazing build quality. The Xplosives are known as really bass heavy and I am lying if I say they are not. The 10 mm drivers blast right into your ears! They provide so much bass, it’s unbelievable for some $50 earbuds. If you really like bass, check these earphones out.


Klipsch Image S4

Klipsch Image S4Now, let’s review the Klipsch Image S4 earphone. It seems like they are made out of cheap plastic in my opinion. They are very light, which is very comfortable of course. The cable is very durable although it looks thin (and it is). It has a rubber coating and does not wear.

Out of all three headphones the Klipsch Image S4′s  have the best audio.
Mids, lows, highs, they are all perfect! Bass was not overpowering but it was still present.


JVC Air Cushions

JVC Air CushionsAnd now about the final and third earphones, the JVC Air Cushions. Out of these three headphones I’d say that these are kind of an intermediate between the JVC Xtreme Xplosives and Klipsch Image S4′s in terms of build quality.
They are made out of glossy plastic and they are famous for their air cushions offering very much comfort. You can listen for hours without getting too uncomfortable, same for the S4′s.

Xtreme Xplosives earphones just get a little bit too uncomfortable after wearing them for extensive use.
But the JVC Air Cushions are super comfortable and that is why they are marked as some of the most comfortable earbuds out there. These ones have an 8.5 mm driver so they are not as big as the 10 mm driver you find on the JVC Xtreme Xplosives but they still offer some good quality audio.
The cable after the y-splitter does not look very durable. When you pull hard they will definately snap right of. The piece above the y-splitter is the same as the Xtreme Xplosives. Though!

Air Cushions earphones are totally balanced. They have great audio quality, trebles are really great and with the 8.5 mm driver you still get quite a bit of bass. The bass is not overpowered, comparable with the Klipsch Image S4′s.

Overall: the Air Cushions are almost as good as the S4′s. The Xtreme’s have overall best build quality and bass, the Air Cushions are most comfortable. It depends on what you want, we think all three are great headphones. For a crisp audio quality I choose Klipsch Image S4′s, for the best bass I take the Xplosives and for comfort I would choose the Air Cushions.

It depends on what you think is the most important quality for one particular pair to qualify them as best earphones under $100. All three are top quality headphones that you can get under $100 price range. You can buy them at


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