Earbuds For Small Ears

Earbuds For Small Ears

HerPhones Petite Earphones – 40 % Smaller sized earbuds for small ears. Made in as lots of tones as there are characters.

HerPhones set a brand-new standard in style and fidelity. HerPhones are distinctively developed to firmly fit little ears with included convenience. The light-weight aluminum case, streamlined cables and soft silicon eartips are attentively crafted for an ideal female fit. No matter where you go, these earphones sound, look and feel great.

Convenience: SUBJEKT HerPhones are the first earphones created particularly for those with little ears. Made with ultra light aluminum housing for optimum toughness and vibration control these small earphones are genuinely one of a kind. Look no further if you ever had problems to find earphones that would fit your small ears. These tiny earphones will be your ears best pal.

Microphone: With a built in microphone you can utilize these earbuds with your mobile device to listen to music or talk with your friends.

The SUBJEKT HerPhones Petite earbuds for small ears are compatible with any mobile device that utilizes a basic 3.5 mm audio jack consisting of: iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows Phones, Blackberries, to name a few.

The various sizes for the tip are wonderful! You can use these all day without hurting your ears and they shut out simply enough sound so that you do not have other diversions. The sound is likewise excellent and you do not need to turn the volume up as much as you need to do for various other headsets.


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