Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds Review

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The Betron YSM1000’s are wired in-ear headphones found at an astonishing $15-20 price range. They look good and are surprisingly well-built for being budget-friendly headphones.




At this price point and being wired in-ear headphones, not many capabilities are included. They are not noise cancelling nor are they Bluetooth compatible or waterproof. However, they do isolate noise very well without these capabilities.

Being wired headphones there is no need to worry about any type of connection, charging dock, base or battery life (besides that of your audio device or phone). There are also no latency issues, making the headphones suitable for watching video content or wearing while gaming.

The headphones do have microphone support on gaming consoles and personal computers, but their range is limited by the cable’s length, about four feet.


Sound Quality:

The Betron YSM1000 headphones offer a super strong bass sound that definitely differentiates between middle and high ranges as well as lows. If you love bass, the audio quality with these headphones is worthwhile at their price. The low-frequency extension is at 10Hz, which is excellent. Fans of bass may also like that the low-bass is very noticeable in the sound. However, keeping in line with the lower price point, the precision of the bass can become overemphasized and muddy at times.

There are no remarkable specs in the build of the headphones, so there is no great instrument separation or sensational sound beyond the dramatic bass. The treble range lacks clarity in the sound on the headphone and is sub-par. There is a lack of detail on the vocals and instruments which can sometimes affect the sibilance. The low-mid is overemphasized so the vocals can sound thick and muddled.

There is no cable noise that is noticeable. While not having optimal audio reproduction, the Betron YSM1000’s do isolate a good amount of noise. Enough so to be used on a daily commute without being bothered with the outside noise. It is important to be sure to select the proper size earbuds that come in the box, otherwise, you will not achieve an airtight fit and the earbud will leak sound in addition to losing its sought-after bass boosting capabilities.


Comfort and Fit:

While the heavier weight in their build is noticeable, it can be off-set with the multiple ear tips included in the box. The box includes a wide selection of ear-tips such as hybrid silicone earbuds in multiple sizes, regular silicone earbuds in multiple sizes and a pair of memory foam earbuds. Whether you choose the foam, hybrid or silicone ear tips, the comfort is better than expected for the low cost of the headphones.

The earbuds sit securely and comfortably in your ears for basic everyday use but are not optimal for use when working out or being overly active. The casings are quite large in size compared to other in-ear headphones. They do stick out of the ears, which makes the headphones also not optimal for use while laying down or sleeping.

Due to the weight and size of the metal casings on the headphones, their in-ear fit might not be ideal for everyone, even with the inclusion of multiple sized earbuds in the package.


Build Quality:

The Betron YSM1000 headphones are well built with large solid metal casing which may add to their heaviness. The wires are wrapped and protected with transparent rubberized coating and there is strain relief added at the 3.5mm plug where the wires connect to the ear buds. The headphones seem very durable and reliable in their build with these additions. Being able to see the wires inside the headphone cables is a nice touch and adds to their visual appeal.

The 3.55mm connection plug jack is 24k gold plated which gives a little extra flash to the headphones and makes it appear superior to the simple silver connection jack found on most headphones. The in-line remote control is also metal.


Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds Features:

Due to their low price, there are not many additional features included with the headphones. The headphones near four-foot cable includes a microphone and volume controls. The control allows you to adjust volume, select next or previous, or select play and pause for sound. If you have an Android device, there is no rewind function compatible with the controls.

You can answer or end phone calls if you connect the headphones to your phone. The in-line microphone is best suited for a quiet or moderately quiet environment. In a noisier environment, the microphone will struggle for voice clarity and details in separating speech from the outside noise.

The button layout of the in-line remote control is simple and easy to use. Additionally, you can trigger Siri or your device’s voice assistant by holding the middle button down.

Similar to all other in-ear headphones, the Betron YSM1000 in-Ear headphones are portable and easily fit in your pockets. You can also store the headphones in the package included soft pouch without adding too much bulk while carrying. They will protect the headphones against light scratches. The pouch can also protect against minimal water exposure.

Included with the headphones is a 1-year warranty that covers any failures.

  • Deep bass sound
  • Shiny, metallic design
  • Wide selection of ear-tips in multiple sizes
  • Very durable
  • In-line control and microphone
  • Heavy build
  • Not stable for active wear



The look and design of the Betron YSM1000 headphones attribute to both its strengths and weaknesses. These budget-priced headphones have a rich feel to them and flashy design which makes their appearance very appealing. However, the build of the headphones adds weight to the headphones that make them unworthy for anything more than basic phone calls, gaming or music listening capabilities. They ultimately lack true comfort and stability in their design and build. With durable design and powerful bass sound, the Betron YSM 1000 headphones are a great purchase for those who enjoy lots of bass on a budget.


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